Francesco Moretti started out as an inventor and constructor of agricultural machinery at Comun Nuovo (Bg) around the year 1890, and built his first threshing machine between 1895 and 1901.

During the first decade of the 20th century, the Moretti company was busily engaged as a threshing contractor, serving its customers with 12 locomobile-thresher combinations, and became the most important “thresher” in the Lombardy region. Remaining faithful to its character as a small to medium family run concern, Moretti also repaired agricultural machinery as a sideline alongside its contractor work.

The company produced 2200 machines between 1890 and 1945, including sowing implements for wheat and maize, wheat threshers, compactor-balers, maize stalk crushers and hand operated corn shellers. In 1946, the company built its first modern sowing implements in steel and began to specialise in the construction of single-seed drills with manure spreaders.

Moretti first began collaborating with the Treviglio-based SAME in 1949, constructing special machines and implements for use with SAME tractors but also acting as an agent for the sale of SAME tractors in the Bergamo province and the Valle Camonica area.

Between 1949 and 1968, Moretti constructed 3900 machines for use with SAME tractors. In particular, these were wheat sowing implements, fork hay tedders, potato and beet harvesters, front mowers, circular saws, side mowers, single and double axle trailers and rotary tillers. In addition to implements, Moretti also manufactured other items such as drilling jigs, front axles, hitches for single axle trailers, furnace transfer trolleys, industrial trailers, bulldozer clearing blades and snow ploughs.

The 1950s and ’60s represented an extremely prolific era for Moretti, as testified by its participation in numerous important expos from the Milan expo to events in Verona, Bari (the Levante expo) and Bologna.

1960 was a major turning point for the company, which definitively ceased its activities as a threshing contractor and focused entirely on its role as an agent, constructor and vendor of agricultural machinery. During the 1970s, Moretti specialised in the construction of loader shovels, industrial excavators and earth moving machinery.

In 2000, Moretti closed down its operations as a SAME dealer. It is estimated that the company sold over 2300 SAME tractors over its 50 years as a dealer.

In 2013, the current generation of the Moretti family – Gianfranco, Sergio and Enzo – decided to donate the wealth of historical material accumulated by the company over the years to the SAME Historical Archive and Museum, consisting of over 450 documents including technical and advertising publications, administrative material, photographs and technical drawings.