The first Hürlimann tractor, the 1K8, comes into being – a single-cylinder petrol tractor with mower, with 416 models produced.


“Maison Hürlimann” is established; the first tractor of the brand becomes more powerful, with the 1K10 model.


The first industrial plant is completed at Wil.


A patent for the invention of a front axle with wide steering angle is registered. The first 4-cylinder direct injection diesel engine tractor, the “4DT45”, is produced.


Hürlimann diesel tractors are adapted to run on coal gas. New rear wheels with pressure spring suspension systems and without inflatable tyres are tested.


The D 600 tractor is launched, and exported above all to Argentina. The patent for a motor harrow with a documented productivity of 6,162 m2 of tilled land per hour is registered.


The H2 model tractor is unveiled, with 4-stroke petrol/oil engine and water cooling system. This reliable model is also used as a military vehicle by the Swiss army.


The brand’s most well known model, the D90, comes off the production line in Switzerland. The engine, clutch, gearbox gears, axle and hydraulics are all built and assembled by Hürlimann.


The factory is one of the first to manufacture large cylinder tractors, launching the DH6 on the market, with a six-cylinder, 155 hp engine.


The D115T tractor, with the first engine (for a medium power class) equipped with turbocharger, is produced.


Hürlimann is merged with the SAME group, and a new range of engines and tractors is developed: the T6200, a 4-wheel drive tractor with central transmission (SAME system), equipped with a Hürlimann, water-cooled 62 hp engine is developed.


The SAME+LAMBORGHINI+HÜRLIMANN Group is founded. With the H-1103, H-1104 and H-1106 engines, the new range of “H” tractors with a 60 – 160 hp is unveiled, and launched throughout Europe.


A new range of machines with a 54 – 165 hp is introduced, with innovative features, new styling and original cab. The H1104, H1105 and H1106 engines installed on the initial models are replaced by SAME 1000 water-cooled engines.


Electronic fuel injection and new control units governing main engine functions are adopted.


The MASTER series, a new range of high power models equipped with the Electronic PowerShift transmissions, is launched.


The “PRINCE” model is launched; mini-tractors for a new market segment: small-scale farming and grounds maintenance.


The new 85-150 HP XT series tractors were presented to the market at the same time as the 120-200 HP SX range completing the open field product line.


Since almost all of the brands were renewing their product ranges, Hürlimann decided to enter the field with the new Giugiaro design, a refined profile and new colour reminiscent of the original colour of Hürlimann products with the XA T4i and XM.K range of tractors.