2019 – 2020

Simone Weil Arts School, Treviglio, Prov. Bergamo

The project results from the interest that teachers of class 4E at the Simone Weil arts school showed in the 50+! Il grande gioco dell’industria, Museimpresa exhibition, set up in the company showroom from November to December 2019. The exhibition featured more than fifty iconic objects from the main Italian corporate museums and traced the history of Italian industry through objects that symbolise Italian creativity, expertise and ingenuity.

The exhibition was also an important occasion for students to explore the subject of Italian design, through two different work activities:

  1. The chance for the students themselves to act as guides to the exhibition during the visits organised with the classes from their school (classics, languages and arts school).
  2. The creation of works inspired by the visit and the items on display.