The documents preserved in the SDF Historical Archives are a major source in writing monographs, studies and research on corporate history, agriculture and agricultural mechanisation in Italy.
This section lists the publications produced by the SDF Historical Archives or which the Archives contributed to by providing information and copies of documents.

M. Mislei, SAME. I trattori storici SAME dalle origini agli anni Settanta, 2019

This illustrated volume uses images, technical data sheets and details of production and technological innovations to describe the first SAME tractors, which made the brand famous worldwide.

SAME. Una storia di ingegno e passione, 2018

This book of photos traces the fundamental stages in the Cassani brothers’ dream from 1927 to the present day, image by image. It was produced using material from the SDF Historical Archives for the official inauguration of the new SAME Customer Centre and assembly lines (6 November 2018).

Archivio Storico e Museo SAME, 2018

This guide describes the categories of documents preserved in the Archives and the machines on display in the SAME Museum in detail.

Download: Archivio Storico e Museo SAME

A. Benedetti, A. Kühnstetter. P.G. Laverda, Mietitrebbie del mondo, 2017

This volume recreates the history of the combine harvester, a complex multipurpose machine that revolutionised agriculture thanks to the ingenuity of their designers and enterprising quality of the manufacturers. More than 100 manufacturers are described, with two chapters dedicated to the history of Fahr AG, Ködel & Böhm GmbH and Deutz-Fahr KHD.

A. Möβmer, DEUTZ-FAHR. Yesterday. Today. Tomorrow, 2017

This volume retraces the history of the DEUTZ-FAHR brand, starting in the mid 19th century, when the first engine factory was built in Cologne, and continuing to the present day, with the opening of the new production site alongside the historic site in Lauingen. Most of the imagery and documentation comes courtesy of the SDF Historical Archives.

M. Vitozzi, Trattori Lamborghini, 2016

This volume brings together the entire range of Lamborghini tractors from its beginnings to the 1970s. It aims both to provide technical information of interest to collectors and to give an account of Ferruccio Lamborghini the person.

F. Molteni, Icone d’impresa, 2016

This book is a collection of stories about the corporate objects that made Italian industry great. They came first on the pages of the Sole 24 Ore’s ‘Domenica’ section in 2012, then in the 50+! Il grande gioco dell’industria exhibition promoted and supported by Museimpresa, the Italian corporate museum and archives association. The Historical Archives and SAME Museum are represented in the book by the Trattorino Universale of 1948, which won the gold medal at the Turin Academy of Agriculture.

F. Imprenti, D. Migliucci, I lavoratori del cibo, 2015

It is an exhibition which aims to recover the living conditions, the memoirs and habits of the food labourers in Lombardy which represent our historical and cultural heritage. I hope this exhibition could lead Milan towards the Universal Exhibition and be, at the same time, a chance to think about the importance of agriculture and sustainability for the past, present, and future of our planet.

All the material in the exhibition is based on both documents and visual-images and symbols and it mainly comes comes from the Labour Archive (Sesto San Giovanni, Milan) and SAME Historical Archive (Treviglio – Bergamo).

Archivio Storico e Museo SAME, Ritratto di famiglia con trattore, 2014

How have farming families changed from the 1950s to the present day? And how much has the arrival of tractors and their constant technological progress contributed to this change? With pictures, catalogues, calendars, and other material from the Historic Archive we trace the history of a world—that of the farmer—and a company that in over 70 years have grown together.

Download: Ritratto di famiglia con trattore. L’evoluzione del mondo contadino dagli anni ‘50 ad oggi, 2014

Archivio Storico e Museo SAME, Visioni d’Impresa. SAME DEUTZ-FAHR attraverso i dépliant pubblicitari, 2013

The exhibit seeks to enhance a historical source, the advertising depliant, capable of bringing the creative and communication elements that enabled the Group’s brands to break into Italian and international markets, against entirely different backgrounds that are increasingly complex.

Download: Visioni d’impresa

Archivio Storico e Museo SAME, L’ingegno al servizio dell’agricoltura, 2012

To mark the 70th anniversary of the founding of the SAME brand, the SAME Historical Archive presents the exhibition: “Engineering for the earth: Seventy years of SAME’s work”, a collection of images that illustrates the company’s progress from a small family-business to a market-leading multinational group.

W. Dozza, F. Oldani, Trattori SAME. Dalle origini a oggi, 2012

This volume retraces the history of the company through its machines and its engines, starting with the foundation of SAME in Treviglio in 1942 and ending with the brand’s 70th anniversary in 2012. The Historical Archives actively collaborated with the authors, providing both images and technical and historical information.

M. Di Nola, L’ingegno al servizio dell’agricoltura, 2012

This account weaves together the themes of technology, the challenges of the market, corporate organisation and the story of an entrepreneurial family that is now in its third generation, still determined to have the company grow on the world stage. The Historical Archives actively collaborated with the authors, providing both images and technical and historical information.

Archivio Storico e Museo SAME, 2010

This guide describes the categories of documents preserved in the Historical Archives and the machines on display in the Group’s Museum in detail.

Massimo Di Nola, Four wheels ahead, 2005

From SAME to SAME DEUTZ-FAHR: the history of a great industrial Group.