Company history

SAME was incorporated in Treviglio (Bergamo) by Francesco (1906-1973) and Eugenio (1909-1959) Cassani in 1942.

The origins of this all-Italian story, however, date back to the 1920s, when the Cassani brothers developed the project for the first diesel motor ever to be installed in a tractor: their launch, in 1927, of a machine that was totally innovative and far more functional than traditional models – the first farm tractor in the world powered by a diesel motor.

From there, the brothers were the first Italians to pioneer studies and experimentation on high-speed diesel engines for marine and aviation use. In 1936, SPICA (Società Pompe Iniezione Cassani) was formed, to manufacture fuel injection systems for diesel engines, which would prove highly successful.

In 1942, sensing the potential of farming machinery, Francesco Cassani founded SAME (Società Accomandita Motori Endotermici) for the mass production of farm tractors with air-cooled engines.

A three-wheel motor mower, with reversible steering wheel and saddle (1946), and the 10 HP “Universale” compact tractor (awarded a gold medal by the Accademia di Agricoltura of Turin in 1948) were the first contributions made by SAME to agricultural mechanisation in Italy in post-war years.

1952 - Presentazione gamma trattori SAMEIn 1951 Francesco Cassani, a convinced supporter of air-cooling technology, designed new modular engines, and realised his dream in 1952: the first four-wheel drive tractor. Another world record. The “DA25”, immediately followed by the “DA30”, brought SAME 4WD technology to the farming mechanisation market. This period saw the start of a significant level of diversification in terms of power ratings: the twin-cylinder “DA25”, then the three cylinder “Super Cassani” and the single cylinder “Sametto”, formed the basis for the production of a vast family of orchard tractors.

To satisfy increasing demand, the new SAME plant was constructed in 1956 in record time. The new facility – rational and functional – had 80,000 m2 of floor space, including an enormous single workshop, that was 250 metres long and contained the three fully equipped lines (engines, painting, and tractor assembly). By 1957, annual production had already reached 3,000 tractors. From this time onwards SAME presented a series of models and successful technical innovations that were to make history in Italian agriculture.

1961 was the year of the “Puledro”, and of the “Samecar” all-in-one arable tractor and fruit transporter.

1966 saw the arrival of “Centauro”, “Leone” and “Minitauro”, the first tractors that brought worldwide recognition of the SAME trademark. 1972 was the year of the “Drago”, with its 6 cylinder in-line 100 HP engine; the 5-cylinder engined “Panther” was unveiled the following year, in 1973. SAME started to fit wet-sump type injection pumps, which were to become a distinguishing feature of SAME engines, hydraulic power-assisted steering and synchronised gearbox.

The acquisition of the Lamborghini Trattori trademark, in 1973, represented a significant leap in quality for the production of caterpillar vehicles. Established by Ferruccio Lamborghini (1916-1993), this brand characterised tractors of excellent quality well before it ever emblazoned sports cars.

Another strategic move was the purchase, in 1979, of the historic Swiss mark Hürlimann, which enabled SAME to acquire the latest technology for water-cooled engines.

In 1995 SAME took over from German giant Kloeckner-Humboldt-Deutz the farming machinery division (tractors and combine harvesters) with the historic Deutz-Fahr mark, thus forming the Group SAME DEUTZ-FAHR.

In 2002 SAME DEUTZ-FAHR Group decided to enter the Indian farming machines market with the brand Greaves Tractor, starting up an important factory in Ranipet in southern India.

The acquisition of the French company GRÉGOIRE SAS, world leader in production and distribution of specialised machines for harvesting olives and grapes, in September 2011 completed the already vast specialised range, thus making for a complete offering for the most demanding wine and oil producers.

In the same year an equal join venture agreement was signed with Chaling in order to enter the Chinese market.

In 2014 SAME DEUTZ-FAHR Traktör Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş. (Turkey) is established and SDF acquired Agricultural Equipment (China).

In 2015 SAME DEUTZ-FAHR changed its brand name to SDF. The new trademark, which will nevertheless express the same content and values as the previous, is designed to better reflect the Group’s structure and size: a high degree of internationalisation from the standpoint of both sales and production facilities, with a brand portfolio that, in terms of quality and complexity, goes well beyond the two main ones of DEUTZ-FAHR and SAME.

In 2016 SDF acquired the majority and control of the Chinese joint venture.

SDF is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of tractors, harvesting machines and diesel engines. It distributes products through the SAME, DEUTZ-FAHR, Lamborghini Trattori, Hürlimann , Grégoire and Shu-He.

The company has its headquarters in North Italy, in Treviglio (BG), in an area where the business was established by the brothers Francesco and Eugenio Cassani in 1927 and developed from there on.

Production, sales, after-sales and the distribution of spare parts are overseen by eight production sites (in Europe and Asia), 12 sales subsidiaries (in Europe and Asia), one joint venture in China and one in Russia, 155 importers and over 3,100 dealers around the world.

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