Historic tractors

You can find some of the SAME tractors exhibited in the Museum in Treviglio in this section. The following information has been identified for each one:

  • the production years
  • their serial numbers (which uniquely identify the tractor)
  • the original colours (identified with the RAL system)
  • the technical publications (operator and maintenance booklets, workshop manuals, spare parts catalogues) kept in the archives and available to users
  • the technical data
  • examples of documentation catalogued in the Archives (complete mechanical technical drawings of particular components, photographs, advertising)

Cassani 40 HP

Universale 10

DA 25

DA 12

DA 30

Sametto 120 21 HP

240 DT


Samecar Toro

Samecar Elefante

450 V

Centauro 55