2017 – 2018

G. Oberdan School, Treviglio, Prov. Bergamo

3B RIM – International relations for marketing

The students conceived of and proposed a 2019 SAME calendar, using images from the Historical Archives dedicated to the work of women in agriculture.

Download: Calendario 2019 – La Same e le donne


3E AFM – Administration, finance and marketing

The students analysed the evolution of advertising in the period between 1927 and 1970 and created some modern takes on historic leaflets with updated graphics.

Download: SAME Dépliant 1927-1970

4B RIM – International relations for marketing

The students designed the “company newsletters of the future”, featuring new graphics and using content they considered significant in terms of catching the attention of the public.

Download: Company newsletters project

Don Lorenzo Milani School, Romano di Lombardia, Prov. Bergamo

3C ECO – Econo-social

Students worked to create a video that uses historic photos to illustrate the development of SAME from its origins to the present day. Technical innovation on products, safety at work, women at work and the evolution of the company and factory are among the subjects addressed.