Every year, the Historical Archives take part in Culture of Enterprise Week, promoted by the Confindustria employers’ federation and the Museimpresa corporate archives and museum association, with a series of initiatives. These include setting up a themed exhibition at the SDF headquarters in Treviglio, using documents from the Historical Archives and in certain cases external contributions.

50+! Il grande gioco dell’industria, 2019

The exhibition traced the history of Italian industry through objects that symbolise Italian creativity, expertise and ingenuity. These products of Italian industry have left their mark on the collective imagination and changed the Italian economy, habits and way of life.

They range from the Vespa to the Campari bottle, SAME Universale Trattorino, Barilla pasta, Olivetti Valentine, Pirelli Cinturato, Alfa Romeo Giulietta Spider and Kartell chairs.

Cultura d’impresa e cultura del tempo, 2018

The role of corporate communication in building SAME’s public image.
How in-house publications have interlinked our evolution with that of the world.

Download: Cultura d’impresa e cultura del tempo, 2018

1927–2017. Da 90 anni l’ingegno è il motore della nostra evoluzione, 2017

The SDF Historical Archives presented an exhibition of historic footage illustrating the technological innovation and international growth of SAME, starting from the Cassani brothers’ dream and ending in the present day. The SDF Historical Archives collaborated with two prestigious Italian cultural institutions to produce the video: Archivio Storico Istituto Luce in Rome and Archivio del Cinema industriale e della Comunicazione d’Impresa (LIUC University, Castellanza).

See: Dalla Trattrice Cassani alla SAME

Il motore al centro. Le origini di una passione, 2016

The exhibition in the SAME Museum aims to pay tribute to the ingenuity of the Cassani brothers and affirm the importance of engines throughout the company’s history: from the first innovative designs in the 1930s to today’s FARMotion, an engine conceived and produced by SDF exclusively for use in agricultural machines.

Ritratto di famiglia con trattore, 2014

How have farming families changed from the 1950s to the present day? And how much has the arrival of tractors and their constant technological progress contributed to this change? With pictures, catalogues, calendars, and other material from the Historic Archive we trace the history of a world—that of the farmer—and a company that in over 70 years have grown together.

Download: Ritratto di famiglia con trattore, 2014

Visioni d’Impresa. SDF attraverso i dépliant pubblicitari, 2013

The exhibit seeks to enhance a historical source, the advertising depliant, capable of bringing the creative and communication elements that enabled the Group’s brands to break into Italian and international markets, against entirely different backgrounds that are increasingly complex.

Download: Visioni d’Impresa. SDF attraverso i dépliant pubblicitari, 2013

L’ingegno al servizio dell’agricoltura, 2012

To mark the 70th anniversary of the founding of the SAME brand, the Historical Archive presents the exhibition: “Ingenuity in the service of Agriculture”, a collection of images that illustrates the company’s progress from a small family-business to a market-leading multinational group.

Download: L’ingegno al servizio dell’agricoltura, 2012

Coltivare i paesaggi, 2011

The exhibit shows the many ways man has made his mark on the territory, generation after generation, to obtain from the earth not just his daily bread but also products to trade and riches to reuse to improve the crops planted or to invest in other production activities.

Download: Coltivare i paesaggi, 2011

Le donne nel lavoro agricolo, 2010

The exhibit uses different types of material held by the Historical Archives (photographs, house organs, leaflets and advertising catalogues) to demonstrate the major contribution of women to agricultural work between the 1950s and 1980s.

Download: Le donne nel lavoro agricolo, 2010