Francesco Cassani (1906-1973) and Eugenio Cassani (1909-1959) produce one of the first tractor in the world with diesel engine, the Trattrice Cassani.


The Cassani brothers patent highly sophisticated diesel engines for lorries.


A new area for applications opens up: revolver marine engines and opposed pistons. A prototype on an Este I speedboat wins the Duca di Genova cup in the Venice-Trieste-Venice race.


SPICA (Società Pompe a Iniezione Cassani) is founded, receiving an award from the National Research Council for the construction of “injection pumps for diesel land, marine and aviation engines”.


High-speed, eight-cylinder, revolver diesel engines for marine and aviation use are built in partnership with Odero-Terni-Orlando at La Spezia shipyards.


After years of experience designing advanced diesel engines and injection pumps, the Cassani brothers found SAME (Società Accomandita Motori Endotermici) in Treviglio (BG – Italy).


At the Milan Trade Show, the first SAME Autofalciatrice 851 is unveiled. The engine can be removed to become a small power unit.


The Universale 10 hp comes into being, featuring a reversible seat. This wins the gold medal of the Academy of Agriculture, Turin, and is described by the newspaper “Il Giornale dell’Agricoltura” on 24th October 1948 as a “gem of Italian industry”.


Production of the 10 hp SAME 4R 10 model, and 20 hp SAME 4R 20 model starts up, which are petroleum-fuelled, with reversible driving.


The SAME DA 25 is launched, the first four-wheel drive tractor with twin-cylinder 25 hp diesel engine. Mass production of four-wheel drive tractors, with original SAME dual traction system begins.


The new SAME factory is inaugurated, a rectangular building looking out onto the national road linking Milan to Venice. The factory has 80,000 square metres of covered warehousing and a workshop of 250 metres.


SAME’s first, original automatic control unit (SAC) is developed, with control of the draft on the lower arms – a system that will later be applied to the 240, 360 and 480 “smart tractor” models.


This is the year of the Puledro, and the Samecar – the multifunction tractor that works the land and transports products.


The Centauro 55 hp is launched, the forerunner of the Leone and Minitauro. These models are decisive in increasing agricultural mechanisation and making a name for SAME, the world over.


The Lamborghini Trattori brand is acquired.


Innovation in engines continues; the Panther tractor is developed with a 5-cylinder engine and injection pumps embedded in the cylinder block, which become a characteristic feature of all future production.


Launch of the Tiger 100 with original SAME cab and wet disk brakes.


With the Buffalo tractor, SAME enters the high-power segment (120 and 130 hp).


The SAME Lamborghini Group acquires the Swiss brand Hürlimann Traktoren and officially becomes SAME+Lamborghini+Hürlimann (SLH).


The new modern tractors Explorer and Laser series are launched.


The quality of SAME engines improves considerably, and the entire 1,000 series, designed with considerable attention to component modularity, also have electronic injection control.


With the Titan models, the high-power Electronic PowerShift transmission is launched.
Launch of Frutteto II, a range dedicated to specialist tractors, used in orchards and vineyards.


Research into the most fully comprehensive range leads to the design of “mini-tractors” a series of mini-power models for use in greenhouses, vineyards, orchards and for gardening too.


SLH group acquired the DEUTZ-FAHR brand from the Klöckner-Humboldt-Deutz agricultural machinery division. The SAME DEUTZ-FAHR Group (now SDF) is established.


Introduction of electronics and evolution of PowerShift and CVT transmissions.


The Company celebrates its one millionth tractor: one Fruttetoᶟ S 90.3 Hi-Steer.


Launch of the Virtus range that introduce the “premium” segment in the medium-power tractors range.


The Explorer series is fully updated and equipped with the SDF FARMotion engines, especially developed for agricultural use.


The Frutteto ActiveDrive is launched; this presents for the first time on the market the independent front suspension on a specialised tractor.


Set up of the Fondazione SAME, a philanthropic foundation promoting activities related to scientific research, fighting hunger and poverty in Africa, the protection of historical heritage and the environment, providing assistance to those in need.


Launch of the Frutteto CVT, introduces the continuous variable transmission in the SAME Frutteto series.