A successful experience: the restoration of the 1969 SAME Ariete

Over 2,400 units of the SAME Ariete were produced from 1968 to 1970, and it’s considered a milestone in SAME manufacture, as it represents the brand becoming global. Indeed, many of these units were sold in South America, Africa and, in particular, Cuba. 

The tractor arrived in Treviglio in the autumn of 2020 and has undergone several restorations in order to remove all signs of ageing. In particular, despite the machine having all its original parts, it has been necessary to give it a thorough cleaning, repaint the wagon and chassis, and restore some damaged elements (such as the side plates and the instrument panel). 

All the restoration work was carried out by in-house personnel and the Historical Archives, once the basic documentation (photographs, advertising leaflets, drawings and technical publications) had been recovered, coordinated the work stages, which involved the competence and passion of the Quality Department (in particular the Workshop and the Academy), the Purchasing Department, and Research and Development.  

Once the work was completed, the tractor was included in the Museum’s permanent collection, ready to be admired as soon as it reopens its doors to visitors.