Corto e Fieno

This year, the SDF Historical Archive is taking part once again in the Corto e Fieno Rural Cinema Festival(now in its 12th edition), which will be held from 7 to 9 October 2022 in the municipalities of Ameno, Miasino and Omegna on the shores of Lake Orta, in the Novara and Verbania-Cusio-Ossola provinces of the Piedmont region. 

The SDF Historical Archive will be playing a very special part in this edition, projecting SAME nel Mondo, a film created with previously unseen material from the archive, on the screens of the festival. The film illustrates the path to internationalisation paved by the SAME brand over its 80 years of history and, through evocative images, takes the viewer on a journey around the world, from Europe to Africa and from South America to Asia, in the driver seat of these flame red machines. The machines themselves, stalwart allies helping mankind transform even the most hostile land into productive soil, are also the protagonists of the photographic exhibition accompanying the film in the halls of the Tornielli Museum in Ameno.

All that’s left is for you to discover the packed programme of this unique Festival which, for over a decade, has been dedicated to collecting and showing the public films dedicated to rural themes, interviews, recordings of first hand accounts, animations and shorts, with material already presented at other prestigious international festivals but also previously unseen movies and Italian premiers, offering opportunities to reflect on the fundamental link between all of us and nature, and on the importance of saving the earth for our future.

This is a Festival centred on the countryside and rural life, on pastures, woodlands and waterways, on animals and on the men and women who work in this environment. The films will be projected in bucolic settings such as cattle stalls, pastures and the highlands surrounding Lake Orta, and in historical locations such as the Cinema Sociale in Omegna, the Tornielli museum in Ameno and Villa Nigra in Miasino.

This year will also include a special one-day satellite event, hosted at the SAME Museum in Treviglio on Sunday 23 October, during which a selection of video clips from previous editions will be projected alongside the tractors that have carried the SAME brand all over the world. As well as viewing the video content of this exhibition, visitors can also take guided tours of the museum, the historical archive and the assembly lines, where SAME tractors have been built and have continuously evolved for over eighty years.

Visit the Instagram profile @museoarchiviosame for more details.