SDF Historical Archives arrives on Google Arts & Culture together with Museimpresa

Thanks to Associazione Museimpresa, the SDF Historical Archives and other Italian corporate museums and archives are bringing a collection of images and videos to the Google Arts & Culture platform, showcasing Italy’s expertise and progress as part of a collaborative cultural project. The initiative’s goal is to make corporate culture easily accessible to all, worldwide, at any time, on any device, and to ensure its preservation for future generations.

The SDF Historical Archives and SAME Museum worked together on the project, providing numerous images, documents and historical videos that tell the history of the “tractors from Treviglio” from 1927 to today.

We invite you to explore our piece “Genius in the Service of Agriculture” in the stories section of the Museimpresa page:


On the Museimpresa page, you can explore over 2,000 images from the museums and archives of some of Italy’s leading companies that are part of the project.